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Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

Please select the value and quantity to the amout you wish to purchase on the gift voucher.

Example; for a £75 voucher, select 3 x £25 and complete your purchase.


Your gift voucher will have the total value of the voucher displayed, along with a unique code to use directly in the website, and the recipient's name and message if supplied.

  • What if my purchase is less than the voucher value

    In these circumstances your initial purchase will be zero, and another voucher will be issued to the value of any remaining balance.

  • Can I use my voucher for a commission?

    Of course! Get in touch using the contact page for a quote, and let us know the code from your voucher.

  • Does the voucher expire?

    Normally gift vouchers will not expire, but do check the details carefully on your voucher for any expiry date.

  • What format will the voucher be in?

    The gift vouchers are digital and will be delivered via email, in PDF format. Please note that email is not always secure, and if you think your email account may have been comprimised, please get in touch immediately so that we can make sure your voucher is safe

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